Friday, June 09, 2006


Totally Wonka-ed

Quick final post, before I go on holiday to Nookie for a week, and there'll be no more updates until I get back - please leave comments though, the comments sections seem to be hotting up a bit recently, which is all to the good.

Unfortunately, I will be travelling to Manchester tonight, to go to the penultimate ever night of my favourite club (in its current state) mentioned here, and as a result I'm going to miss 'Big Brother'. I'm well annoyed, mostly because tonight is the night they do the draw to decide which Golden Ticket winner goes on the show.

On that post, I asserted:

'Personally, I hope that the 'lucky' winner is old and boring - that'd teach the programme makers, wouldn't it?'

BBC News: ''Big Brother' holds housemate draw'

'Winners include Tim Slessor, 28, an audio visual editor from London, who claimed the first golden ticket.'

'Sue Carter, 34, found her ticket after buying 13,000 Kit Kats in a radio promotion.'

'Grandmother Su Lindsey, 50, would be the oldest person ever to take part in Big Brother if she is selected.'

'Also on the list is professional gambler and journalist Ed Murray, 28, former internet stripper Matt Oakes, 22, from Coventry, and 25-year-old self-proclaimed playboy Mohammed 'Nad' Butt, from London.'

'Philip Colaco, 21, from Dundee, Deby Dakers, 25, from Norwich, and unemployed Martyn Hilliard, 23, from Market Harborough, are among several of the hopefuls who bought their tickets on an internet auction site.'


1) If old and boring really is what we have to hope for, then Su Lindsey sounds like the most likely candidate to fulfil that.

2) I wonder what Sue Carter intends to do with 13,000 KitKat bars. I'll buy 1000 off her for re-sale if she'll knock the price down.

3) Can you really make a living as a professional gambler? If you can, I want to do that full time.

4) The house doesn't need an internet stripper or a playboy - what was the point of getting rid of Sezer if they win?

5) Finally, like Sue Carter, I hope all those who spent money on buying these tickets off eBay lose. It would serve them right.

Fingers crossed for granny!

Your thoughts welcome!

Having just got back from travelling for two months, is there any point me trying to get into Big Brother this time around? Is it actually worth watching this year?

It's bound to be more dull than the Australian version, where they're all at it like rabbits...
Wait a second, did you say you were off to get some nookie?
Paul - Probably not, to be honest. Shabhaz was the most interesting housemate, and he's long since gone to the loonie bin or wherever. The rest of them are just catty and annoying, with the exception of Glyn, who is a Welsh 18-year old schoolboy who can't even make toast and is so funny that he's now my personal hero.

SafeT - It's actually a town called Newquay. The joke isn't even original, I cribbed it off Bill Bryson's 'Notes From A Small Island'. Most of this blog is second hand news!
Oh. Too bad, I was hoping you'd gotten some nookie (provided that's what you're into. If you'd rather a big fat cucumber, then I hope you found one of those instead)
There'll be more info just later on today or tomorrow!
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