Saturday, May 06, 2006


Why Shouldn't I Be Allowed To Join In?

I haven't much time, but I would like to flag your attention to this article:

BBC News: 'Competition for 'Big Brother' place'

Basically, they're giving out Wonka-like golden tickets in Kit-Kat bars, with which the bearer is entitled to join the 'Big Brother' house. I found this quite interesting. Getting accepted on 'Big Brother' clearly does require a certain amount of a specific talent - that talent being not making an utter fool of yourself on your application video. One of the continual moans that you hear these days about people demanding - nay, expecting - their fifteen minutes of fame is that they no longer feel that talent, ability or skill should have any impact on whether or not fame does, eventually, reach them. The makers of 'Big Brother' appear to have caught on with regards to this, since you now dodn't need to be anything other than physically able to purchase a Kit-Kat bar to join in.

Personally, I hope that the 'lucky' winner is old and boring - that'd teach the programme makers, wouldn't it?

Contestants with less talent and personality than usual - surely not!

"'cos I've gotta golden ti-cket of my own"

sorry, got it on the brain. Oh, and Cameron [virginial remote-scottish-island-living big brother winner] managed to get by *and* be a complete dullard.
To be fair, it is hardly a failsafe mechanism. Inevitably now they're trying to get contestants who are ever wackier and ever weirder, but it might end up being counter-intuitive.
you should apply to BB!
you could be the new dereK!
I don't know whether to take that as a compliment or an insult . . .
you could also take up naturism and be the nude erik...
I have proudly avoided this show in all its various guises.
And...well...I would be the freaky nerd guy that calls his wife every ten minutes.
I'm sure i read that there will be 100 tickets in the chocolate bars, therefore they must still be holding a prior audition process... not much of a competition really is it? Anyone who cared enough to go on would have gone to the proper auditions anyway, bollocks methinks!
Matty - I should think my cock on screen for any length of time would lower to zero whatever viewing numbers they have now!

SafeT - I don't blame you. It is tragically addictive. I have a real love/hate relationship with it.

Happy - Yes, you're right to call me on that. I'd manage to miss that in the story. So, yes, it kind of makes this post a bit redundant, doesn't it?
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