Saturday, October 08, 2005


Robbie Williams Goes Up In My Estimation

The jackbooted one deeply impressed me yesterday, coming out as he did with a powerful attack on those who have been truly hypocritical in loudly finger-pointing at Kate Moss despite their own considerable drug habits. That article pretty much covers the story, but leaves out a wonderful quote when he announced that he'd 'snorted cocaine with the same writers attacking her.' I'm impressed by his rightful decision to stand up against the shocking hypocrisy of those involved in this, even though it could have damaged him.

I've said enough about this story now, but I would just like to end with a quote from some time Match Of The Day 2 pundit Kevin Day, speaking on Radio Five Live's 'Fighting Talk' programme about the Adrian Mutu cocaine allegations:

'It's time we got a grown-up debate about recreational drug use in this country, because the sight of journalists, of all people, tut-tutting at someone living a life like that is like Bernard Matthews tut-tutting at ham.'

True that.

If i may put my 'cynical hat on for a moment'... remember that one Stevo??!!... anyway back to the point isn't it convenient that Robbie was holding a press conferance for his new album and clive webcast concert this week, otherwise he wouldn't have been able to leap to the defence of Kate Moss and reprimand the media. Pull the other one!!

Robbie Williams is:
1) Too famous and popular to be toppled by the tabloids (therefore he can get away with criticising them)
2) A self-confessed former drug addict, who probably used his addiction to give himself a 'cool' edge for 'da' kids. (admitting he snorted cocaine with anyone won't harm his career now)
3) The WORST publicity junkie going, worse than any other celeb at using the press to their advantage and then moaning about it when it all turns sour! Oh woe is me, i've only got 50 million in the bank.

Fuck off Robbie Williams, your opinion means fuck all you tedious self- absorbed wanker. You've jumped upon this story to gain media attention for your crap music you're currently promoting (lead story on channel four news!! as Mike Skinner said: had it come to this?!). I agree that the journalists reporting on Kate Moss have probably snorted cocaine, i just don't think the argument holds any weight coming from a gigantic hypocrite like Robbie.

Rant over (i've had a bad week!!!)
Unfortunately, I have to say that Robbies utterances are of little consequence. He's attempting to shame the unshameable. And nobody will care a damn.

Millions will still buy the Sun on monday.
millions will buy the sun on monday because its the most entertaining newspaper in the land
My idea of entertainment must differ enormously from everyone elses. Thank christ.
Ill man, yours and mine both. I think I've said quite often now that I don't have much time for 'The Sun'. Entertaining? So, MattyG, you regard Danny Wallace as banal but The Sun as entertaining? Priorities wrong, mate, in my opinion.

Happy, I can feel the hate! Still, you do have a point - I guess it is down to self-promotion, but then, to me that doesn't change the validity of what he was saying.
There's a comma missing: Robbie "snorted cocaine with the same writers, attacking her". Now it makes a lot more sense.
how can you argue against a newspaper that gives away a FREE comedy legends dvd every day this week???
How can you argue against a government that makes the trains run on time?

Theres probably some fine stuff in there, but I think I can live without it. I think you maybe don't grasp my antipathy towards that newspaper, it's content and it's owner.
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