Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Between A Rock And A Hard Place

Just to warn everyone, this is another 'Big Brother' post. I've become quite addicted recently. Anyway, the nominations are in for this week, and its more fucking bad news. The public has to evict either Maxwell or Saskia, which is a shame given that I actually like them. I liked Maxwell from the start, and have become fond of Saskia for frankly biological reasons.

It'll be Saskia who goes, of course, for three reasons:

1) In every eviction so far, it has been the person I don't want to go who has gone.
2) Maxwell is Mr Cheeky-Chappy Man, and so will stay because the public are sure to like him.
3) I don't wish to sound sexist here, really I don't, but the majority of those who actually bother to vote are clearly female. If they weren't, Sam would never have gone. These voters are, I suspect, somewhat jealous. Which is why there are so few women left, when the men are clearly more annoying.

Anyway, it's all but certain, since the bookies are heavily backing her to go, and still backing Maxwell as a decent contender to win the whole thing.

This is obviously a real shame. Still, the good news is that Saskia made it clear she wishes to be remembered, and said 'this girl's gonna have to wear some outfits.' The nudity prayer lives on yet. However, to add excitement, let me introduce the 'Saskia Please Get Naked Countdown Clock'.

Time left: 2 Days, 19 Hours, 37 mins.

The clock is ticking.

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