Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Simply Dursting With Creativity

Via The Golden Strawberry, we learn that:

'IRON MAIDEN singer and qualified pilot Bruce Dickinson airlifted 200 British citizens who had fled war torn Beirut, Lebanon back to the U.K. yesterday (July 20). The 47-year-old flew a Boeing 757 to Cyprus where he picked up the evacuees and flew them back to London's Gatwick Airport.'

This is actually pretty cool, in my opinion, which is bad, because I can't take the piss out of it. For a moment, I was worried that rock musicians had stopped being utter douchebags, and then I remembered who we hadn't checked in on in a while:

Are you 'lovin' this shit right here?'

If you remember, when we last caught up with Freddy - a whole six months ago now! - he was of the opinion that his entry into the pantheon of great auteurs was just around the corner. Not content with his status as a mere metteur en scene for low-grade music videos, he wanted to be the next Francis Ford Coppola.

And we laughed. And in my case, laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed. I was disappointed, however, by the singular lack of emails from Bizkit lovers saying 'F U HATER!!!!!!!???ROFLMAO!![splurge]!!' or however it is they communicate. Of course, I may be making the classic mistake of assuming they are capable of basic communication.

However, Dursty is out to prove the haters wrong. I recently discovered this on the IMDb. It would seem that 'The Education Of Charlie Banks' is a low-budget indie film. The plot summary is:

'The Education of Charlie Banks is a coming of age tale that spans from the playgrounds of lower Manhattan to the idyllic greens of Vasser College. Set during the eighties, it is a story about change, inevitability, and mostly, about facing one's fears.'

That sounds studiously boring, without much chance of unintentional hilarity. Still, we must never pre-judge things in life, especially films, so, what do you reckon gang? Is this gonna flop? Is Durst an utter pillock? Might he actually not be a total ringpiece? Could this be, let's whisper this, good?

Doubt it.
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