Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Commercial Breakdown

Decided to catch 'Slither' tonight. Since it's a comedy horror, I figured I'd make it as close to a midnight movie as possible, and caught the last showing of the day, which is how God intended horror films to be viewed.

When you think about it, cinema-goers are in the best possible position for people to sell you things, which is why the ads and trailers now go on for up to twenty-five minutes before the film. However, tonight, I was in the screening all alone. Consider: I now have my own back on all those companies, particularly those who paid for that space to advertise a product I'm just not interested in. This is just about as liberating and radical as I think you can feel today - seriously, try it some time.

So, for instance, I'm not going to buy a Toyota Yaris on the basis of this advert. What's more, I question whether you can actually fit even a baby elephant into the boot of it. Similarly, I'm not going to buy a perfume from Emporio Armani on the basis of an advert featuring a woman so thin I hear several Sudanese refugees are trying to stage an intevention for her.

On to the trailers, and I have some problems here. To whoever made the trailer for 'Stay Alive' - congratulations for producing a trailer that apparently contained every single plot twist in the film. Maybe next time, try making a trailer that actually makes me want to see the film, not believe I've seen it already. Although, of course, now I don't need to see it, and that's reputedly no bad thing. Also, I should like to point out that I may have seen 'Half Light' before too, since it's trailer makes it look like an exact copy of 'The Dark'.

What of 'Slither', I hear you ask? Well, I thoroughly enjoyed it, which is to say I felt ill most of the way through it. I'm sorry, but body-invasive alien slugs are an unappetising proposition. Great stuff. Also, how could anybody dislike a film where the town's saloon is called Henenlotter's? To be honest, there's not much more to be said than that. If you like comedy horrors, you'll love it, if you don't, you won't. The only other point worth noting is that the films apparent box office failure stateside has allegedly caused some of the studios to re-think whether more horror comedies is a good idea. Well, at least we went out with a bang. Or a gurgle, more like.

The one thing Janine found off-putting about Ray was the size of his spermatoza.


It's just occurred to me that surely 'Half Light' can only be like 'The Dark' if you're normally used to double-light.

Return of the Living Dead and its sequel are my favorite horror comedies. I think the first one was almost unintentionally funny, but the second was just hilarious.
Those were made way back in 1985 and 88 respectively.

Horror comedy will never die!
Gotta be honest, I haven't actually seen them, but I take the recommendation. I'll have to bump 'em up to the top of my Film Four DVD list.
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