Sunday, February 12, 2006


Nothing To Report

I have spent all afternoon watching footy in the pub, and I'm a little drunk. Still, I was glad to see that my praise of Man City wasn't wasted, as they matched the 5-2 away win at Charlton that propted that post with a 3-2 win at home today. Together, these two games have probably been the best two matches of the season that I've seen.

They certainly made a positive impression compared to Real Madrid v Athletico Bilbao last night, which was as dull as Spanish football usually is, with the usual tiresome gits who think it's cool to support a Spanish team despite the fact that they come from Milton Keynes watching it.

Joey Barton's goal alone is worth watching MOTD2 for tonight.

Barton's edge-of-the-area thunderbolt was a cracker - if you look at the ball in the air, the control he put on it is very impressive.

I've something of a soft spot for City Steve. They've been through a fair old bit in the past ten to fifteen years.

Oh, Partick Thistle are on Sky on Wednesday night. Worth a look, if only to remind yourself what really dodgy football is. I could be quite wrong of course, it could be a real thriller.........
Me too, though it's mostly based on my absolute loathing of Man Utd.

You're playing the other Thistle aren't you? I shall try and catch a few minutes of it.
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