Tuesday, December 06, 2005


The Man In The Mask - A Little Sport Blogging

I spent all of Sunday in the pub, watching the football, and I was struck by the appearance of Manchester City right-back David Sommeil:

Sommeil is the one on the left, as if you hadn't already realised.

The reason he had to wear the mask was a fractured cheekbone, but frankly I think he should keep it for every game. To paraphrase 'Scrubs', it gives him the option of fighting crime afterwards. He really does look like "Zorro-Gives-Up-The-Whole-Flouncing-Around-With-A-Sword-And-Takes-Up-Being-A-Shylock-For-The-Mafia" - and that's quite a look. Jonathan Pearce announced he was wearing it "so he wouldn't frighten the opposition so much", which I thought was rather amusing for a man who used to commentate on 'Robot Wars.'

Man City were superb, particularly in midfield. Trevor Sinclair, Sun Jihai and Joey 'So My Brother's An Axe Murderer' Barton* were all excellent. I'm particularly impressed by Sun Jihai at the moment. The man is on top form - an excellent passer and crosser of the ball, and tireless in pursuit. In my humble opinion, he may be one of the most valuabe players to that squad at this moment.

Yet another City player with headgear. They should be the 'Bandit Team.'

*To be fair, it's not his fault if his brother is a racist psycho who likes to associate with men called 'Chopper', and actually, I think he's been handling it rather well.

On a similar medical line I have a friend who (not realising Edgar Davids had glaucoma) declared that wearing shades while playing football was the coolest thing he'd ever seen.

We all said we wished we could be cool and have glaucoma. He stuck to his guns. But he once said penguins and chess were cool. He's an idiot.
Technically penguins are quite cool. In the literal sense, obviously.
Penguins are cool. They're this years hot topic (no pun intended). Chess isn't.
Can I just point out now, as it's vaguely relevant to the current topic, that:


This is an event that is unlikely ever to be repeated in any season, so I just thought I'd shout it from the rooftops. And we pissed all over Arsenal at the weekend, without the aid of scary facemasks and psycho killer DNA.
I can explain the offside rule!

Yeah. thats it.

I'll leave you to thr football, eh?

Paul - I was listening to that game on Saturday, and you really were much better than the Arse. You've done very well in Europe this year - expectations already exceeded! I hope you go further.

Boudica - Following the new FA ruled about players being 'active' and 'inactive', I don't think most referees fully understand the offside rule.
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