Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Wound-Up Merchant

A few days ago, I graciously excused Tom Cruise for being upset about having water squirted in his face. However, I'm coming to the conclusion that he's become argumentative for arguments' sake. He comes across in this story as, to be frank, a bit of an idiot.

Just stop appearing publicly, Tom. You're becoming a bit embarassing, and sadly you're not a good enough actor to be excused for it.

'Look into my eyes. Keep twirling the pen! Look into my eyes. You're feeling sleeepy, sleeeeeepy. So, so, sooooo sleeeeeepy. Asleep? Good. Now, listen. I know about prescription drugs. After all, before I converted to my ridiculous religion, I used to take them. Now, however, I don't, because I'm happy. I am king. Kiss my ring. Kiss my ring, dammit! Now, admit it. I know best. Thank you. Snap out of it now.'

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