Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Cruising For A Bruising

So Tom Cruise got quite upset yesterday because someone squirted water in his face. This has been a major news story, and as has been pointed out, Channel Five saw fit to mobilise the 'Insight' team. This overreaction to a complete non-story is absolutely typical of the British media.

I was, when I first heard the story, rubbishing Cruise for a complete lack of a sense of humour. What sort of a baby throws a hissy-fit over a squirt of water? However, thanks to the folks at the Beeb, you can now watch the incident in question. Having done so, I have to say I'm taking Tom's side. This is not because what happened was particularly bad - he could and should have laughed it off - but because, as the Beeb article points out:

'He is famed for his lengthy walkabouts at film premieres, spending hours greeting fans, signing autographs and talking on their mobile phones.'

In short, he's one of the few Hollywood stars who doesn't treat his fans like shit, and consequently, I don't think it's particularly funny either. When you see the incident, actually Cruise seems pretty composed about it to me.

I'd have twatted the bloke.

What's important, though, is that he doesn't get any stupid ideas about criminal prosecutions or any of that shit. If this non-story is to be put out of its misery, they need to just show the programme and then everyone involved needs a grow up a bit.

Tombo needs our Rusty on side to pitch a phone at the squirter.
I agree, by the way. Tom was excellent in the face of blatant fuckwittery.
Yeah, Crowe would sort him out. I quite like Crowe, actually. He doesn't seem to take any shit, and I can respect that.

He's crap at PR, though.

'blatant fuckwittery.'

I am adopting this phrase. It's too good to go unrepeated.
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