Thursday, June 30, 2005


A Few Distictly Paranormal Resources

For all matters concerning the paranormal, it's best to go first to former BBC 'Grandstand' presenter turned first-class nutcase David Icke. The whole website is a wonder of marvellous madness, but I find the 'Headlines' page most informative, being as it shows the whole craziness of the Ickeian worldview.

Convinced you've seen a UFO? So are many other people, and their stories are told in the only flying saucer compendium worth bothering with, Frank Edwards' wonderfully-entitled 'Flying Saucers: Serious Business!'

Finally. Caution, all ye who enter here. Yes, that's right, it is the Death Clock. Okay, it's not strictly paranormal, but somehow I suspect the greys would approve. How long have you got left? I appear to be on track to live to a ripe old age, given that my date of death will be Friday, May 7th, 2060. On the plus side, this means I shall get to join Saga, but on the downside means I shall witness the inevitable war between the greys and their reptilian masters. Still, you can't have everything.

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