Thursday, June 30, 2005


What If Blob Was One Of Us?

If you watch fifty films about aliens, you'll probably get the impression that most folks are worried about the possibility of their invading. Some people, though, know better. Serious thinker Richard E Mallinson had the situation pegged in early 1994. In two fascinating emails, he describes how aliens, or 'greys', as he mysteriously calls them, have been abducting people and implanting chips into their brains in order to gain complete control of their thoughts. Don't trust me, read all about it. In both of these highly convincing emails, he states that around 40% of Americans have been chipped by the greys. Spooky, eh?

They do it all through the help and co-operation of the JASON Society, about which more can be found here. You see, all the worlds important organisations and secret organisations are linked together, and together they rule the world, oppressing us the people. They're all in it, from the President to the Vatican, from the masons to the Nazis, from The Institute of International Affairs to The Russell Trust. The JASON Society are a part of this network, and according to Mallinson, it is they who provide the human abductees for 'analysis and extraction of vital fluids.' Don't trust those smiling scientists with all the facial hair either - apparently, according to the JASON Society page, 'as of 1987 the membership included four Nobel Prize winners.'

Fortunately, however, all is not lost. Through the brave analytical work of UFOlogists, we now have descriptions of the greys. Here is the most useful:

'The nature of the Greys, especially the Zeta Reticuli and the short Greys, is that they do not have deep emotional feelings or compassion. They are, in fact, extremely curious about all aspects of existence, highly analytical and devoid of sentimentality. They look at humans much the same way a farmer looks at his cows, as an inferior species. They understand the passions and compassion of humans to the degree it is observable by them but do not their feelings.'

That's why you see them with clipboards.

It turns out, despite the fact that the greys keep abducting us and extracting our vital fluids, they really need our help. The problem is that:

'The Greys are not masters of their own fate. They are, rather, subservient to a reptilian race . In their desire to retain that freedom from their reptilian masters, they would hope to play the role of being masters here on earth, or at least having enough control so as to be safe from slavery by any other species. The Zetas desire the help of humans in an expected future confrontation with the reptilian masters who are expected to follow soon, within the next 20 years. This refers to the so-called asteroid that is on its way toward earth. It is housing millions
of reptilian aliens. It has, however, temporarily diverted its path as it
moves into the constellation of Draco.'

This comfortably explains why NASA and Bush wish to remove the asteroid from the sky - they're slave to the greys, and the greys do not wish to meet their masters again (bad karma). Bush and NASA can explain it to homo sapiens as a measure of protection, but we know who really wears the trousers. It seems, however, that if this plan fails, we will have an intergalactic war on our own planet within the next twenty years.

Still, there are those who can save us. Yes, that's right, the movie was correct, there really are 'Men In Black.' According to Monstrous, 'they might be bio-synthetic forms or even holographic images working for aliens invaders.' Well, it is a worry. Once again, however, you don't have to take my word for it:

'The very first occurrence of MIB was traced to a man named Albert K. Bender. He was the editor of a flying saucer publication called the "Space Review" In the October 1953 issue he placed an announcement stating that he had come across information that would solve the flying saucer mystery but they could not print it because they were ordered not to.'

'They then ended the announcement warning others in saucer work to be "very cautious" they then stopped their publications. Later in an interview Bender stated that "three men wearing dark suits" had ordered him to stop publishing flying saucer material, and that he had complied with the order because he had been "scared to death" of them.'

'He later published a book called "Flying Saucers and the Three Men in Black" in which he explained The Men In Black in more detail: they were, he claimed, from somewhere called Kazik; he had visited their spaceship in Antartica; they had told him that their agents had infiltrated the Pentagon.'

Some people really are bat-shit crazy.

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