Sunday, March 11, 2007


Temporary Exodus

Just to save you the trouble of having to check back here every few days, I would like to warn the few readers still clinging on to this sinking ship that there will be no new content for several weeks - probably about four, at a rough guess.

In the meantime, those familiar with Unreal Tournament might conceivably find this faintly amusing.

PS: Thank you for your continued support. It really is much appreciated. I'm sorry I've been lax in answering comments recently - it's all due to how busy I've been. I fully anticipate getting this thing back to normal in the fullness of time - don't delete me off your blogrolls yet!

Please come back when you can..
I'll return in good time.
so when are you coming back already?
I've hit the drink without you my darling.
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