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Wagamama Is Shit

EDITOR'S NOTE: This post was, in fact, not written by me, but by my good friend Mike, who has no blog or Blogger ID. I would just like to take this opportunity to say that if anyone who has no blog wants to email me something they've written, I will happily publish it, and I won't steal the credit. Honest.

I’ve been to Wagamama twice and both times it’s been depressing. I’ll take you through two examples I encountered on the menu:

Chilli Beef Ramen: Translation - Steak in a bowl of watery soup.
Menu Entry: Mmmmmmmm the steak tastes like it’s been boiled and the soup tastes like watery diarrhea after a night of drinking and vindaloo. All for the head hurtingly reasonable price of £9.95. Yay.

The person I was with at the time got this:

Chicken Katsu Curry: Translation - Rice, chip shop curry sauce and chicken nuggets.
Menu Description: As you eat you feel a sense of self loathing for just spending £7.50 on chicken nuggets, curry sauce and rice that has just been cooked for you by someone who, if he didn't work here, could be cooking the same chicken nuggets and curry sauce in your local chippy. You then realise the only reason it could ever justifiably cost this much is if the nicely shaped piles of rice are fashioned by a specially trained artist hedgehog who makes self-portraits.

Wagamma is described as fusion cooking… It’s a fusion of really easy to cook food, made badly, with rice or noodles, uncomfortable primary school benches and a crap name… Well done.


Instead buy some chicken nuggets (at most £2 if you want Captain Birdseye’s good stuff) some curry sauce (50p) and rice (fuck all) and then spend about £1.50 hiring someone for 10mins to cook it for you. Go sit on a bus shelter bench near a busy road during rush hour and eat it. It's that quality Wagamana experience recreated exactly, for less.

I always have the Yasai Yaki Soba at Wagamama and it is delicious.
its satisfying to type on your phone with predictive txt off.
Hmm sorry to hear about the bad experience. I've never had amazing beef ramen nor chicken curry, but I'm sure they exist in Japan ... so I try to avoid ordering them anywhere else!
There's no chicken in a yasai katsu curry, or in that picture. The nuggets are pumpkin, aubergine and sweet potato, so it's £7.15 for vegetarian nuggets and curry sauce.

Although that rice is very hedghoggish, admittedly.
You're right but my point still stands. I meant chicken katsu curry and even priced it for chicken katsu curry but made a mistake when writing it down.

Anyway all sorted now and Wagamama is still shit.
Yes I Agree... Wagamama is horrible tasting food priced WAAAAY too high. Last time I was there I ordered a Ramen dish of some kind(Can't remember which) and it turned out to be cheap ramen noodles, a few pieces of pork and a couple of cold seafood sticks.

You can get better food for way less at any of those small inner-city Jap restaurants.
I used to work there and trust me... It's shitter than you could pos imagine!
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