Monday, December 11, 2006


The Things You Hear . . .

Sometimes just annoying:

In Sainsbury's:

'Would you like to visit to the bakery department?'

Sometimes amusing:

In the bogs at closing time at my local:

Man 1: 'Would you rather be chased by a tiger or an elephant?'
Man 2: 'A tiger. Elephants are mad when they're on a rampage and they'd crush you.'
Man 1: 'An elephant would be better, because you could hide behind a tree. You couldn't do that with a tiger.'

In the toilets the other day I heard an argumnet about whether Birmingham or Moss side is posher.
A random old man chose to tell me the other day, whilst standing at the urinals, "This might be the last time I ever use a toilette.".
a coupla weeks back, i was in some club in streatham, doing a Mia Wallace. some chick had the nerve to tell me i was hogging the sink (there was PLENTY of room). i think she still might be on the floor, where i left her. cheeky bitch.
and elephants cant really see in the dark. that's why they get owned by the lions at watering holes in the nighttime. it's true was on planet earth a month ago. if only they had cats eyes in africa. i think it needs a

oh yeah, annoying things: everyone's always like.
"you should stop taking coke, it's bad for you."
I love those sorts of conversations. A friend of mine and I often have such.
Who would you rather have come into your home and crap in your bathroom? Pavarotti or Eddie Murphy in a fat-suit?
lol, mattyg and SafeTinspector.
I was at Manchester Christmas market yesterday. There was a German stall/temporary bar selling mulled wine and whatnot. At the top of the stall was an animated reindeer head, "singing" Christmas carols. You know the sort.
Then I heard one parent turn to her little daughter and said, "Say goodbye to the moose".
That's going to be one messed up child, thinking that Santa has a sleigh pulled be mooses.
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