Sunday, December 17, 2006


No Peeping

Longer-term readers may be able to remember that at the end of March, I was rejoicing at the news that 'Peep Show' hadn't been cancelled.

Friends of mine may have noticed me muttering under my breath, whenever some fresh drivel offends mine eyes on the gogglebox, something along the lines of 'never mind, at least the new 'Peep Show' DVD is out soon'.

Indeed it is. It is with a heavy heart, therefore, that I must note I shan't be buying it. Not out of choice, but because the makers have placed something called Macrovision RipGuard on it. This piece of software prevents the disk being viewed on PCs and, crucially, PlayStation 2's, my only means of watching a DVD.

The purpose of this piece of software is to stop people ripping the disks and sharing them on Torrent sites, which may be a worthy enough goal. Unfortunately, however, their master plan has two flaws; firstly, it demonstrably hasn't worked, as series 3 is freely available on Torrent sites, and secondly, it is clearly encouraging people not to buy their product (check out the host of one star reviews, 'not for the programme but for the disk' on Amazon).

How daft is this? Why alienate people who actually want to pay for your product in favour of a doomed attempt to stop ripping? Why does this software stop the innocent user (me) from watching the DVD on a PS2, which can't rip disks anyway?

I want answers, and I want them soon. I shall set a personal deadline - if the makers don't produce a version of the DVD that I can watch by the end of January, I shall illegally download a copy.

you are a tor-rentboy?
i shouldve realised.
Cough cough.
DRM sucks hard.
I try to buy a song legitimately, but if I struggle even a moment I quit and steal.
I don't consider this a problem.
Well, I can see why - the whole thing's just so daft. It's like fighting a raging with a box of lit matches.
No problem, just download the Slyfox 'AndDVD' program.

It runs in the background and removes all CD checking - so you can watch Peep on your PC to your hearts content.
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