Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Where Are Those Goddamned Statisticians I Ordered?

Well, where are they?

From Five Live's 'Midday News' today:

'The two main political parties have loan debts of over £60 million. The Conservatives have £35 million, and Labour have £24 million'.

Hang on,let's see if we can get our resident maths expert to sort it out:

Any luck?

Hmmmm. Looks like a 'no' then.

They probably forgot to include VAT. You know, like the Lympics.
good one, dude, lol.
Kieran - Yeah, that's going really well, isn't it? I mean, who thought that after the Wembley fiasco we should give ourselves a much bigger, harder challenge with a deadline that can't be pushed back?

Rimone - Cheers!
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