Monday, November 27, 2006


Newsflash: We're Great

If you head to the BBC News page right now, you will find a link to a video podcast containing 'The Best Of The 10 O'Clock News'. Even news programmes have best-ofs now? How do they even pick this sort of thing? Maybe, after each story, the producer leaps up and down shouting 'Yes, great news, folks!' or 'This news just isn't up to par' and they judge accordingly. Personally, I have to say I think it a little opportunist to take credit for the day to day happenings of the world, but there you go.

However, I mustn't beat up on the Beeb too much. Long-time readers will know that it's not exactly my favourite organisation in the world, but credit where it's due means I must complement them on their coverage of the Ashes online. In addition to being able to listen to the matches over the net, meaning I can drift off to sleep while they're on, they have finally caught on to the possibilities of blogging, and have set up blogs for a number of people involved in the coverage to share their thoughts.

The writers, including Jonathan Agnew, and sometime commentators Mark Pougatch and Arlo White, as well as quite a few others are pretty variable in quality, and most of them are trying to big up England, which is a little tricky at the moment, but it's refreshing to see some out of game discussion and dissection. Frankly, the BBC, which has been pretty slow picking up the baton in harnessing the power of the net, and blogging in particular, is on to a good thing if it utilises it more frequently, because of the sheer number of people it can put on the ground. Hopefully they'll have some cheerier news to talk about soon.

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