Monday, November 13, 2006


A Bad Rap

The Times:

'HIP-HOP and rap artists are teaching young Muslims the ideology of radical Islamism through songs about the war in Iraq, the oppression of Muslims and the creation of an Islamic state governed by Sharia, or religious law.'

'Intelligence agencies have identified music as a “tool for indoctrination”. The phenomenon began with an American group called Soldiers of Allah. The group has since disbanded but its music and lyrics remain popular on the internet. Other groups in Britain, France and the US have been identified as giving cause for concern. Many use the derogatory term “kufur” to describe non-Muslims.'

'Madeleine Gruen, an American intelligence analyst, highlighted the lyrics of a British group called Blakstone as a possible gateway to extremist politics.'

Uh-oh. Here we go again. People are using music for ill reasons. I know I should be concerned, but I just can't remember what music is . . . I'd better ring my mate John, he'll know.

: Alright mate, how's it going? Been up to much lately? Listen mate, I've just forgotten what music is and I was wondering if you could tell me?

JOHN: Nah mate, haven't done anything for years. Music? Let's see, I seem to recall writing that down somewhere. Ah, yes: "sounds wholly or predominantly characterised by the emission of a succession of repetitive beats."

I'm glad we cleared that up. That act was twelve years ago. Twelve years and one government on, and we've gone precisely nowhere. First it was raves (pdf warning), then it was Jamaican dancehall, and now it's the turn of the next group of people who've come up with music that's 'threatening'. As per usual, we see the implicit assumption that people can't possibly make up their own minds about what they hear, or take responsibility for their actions. No change here, then.

Why do people keep worrying about rap or hip-hop or metal or whatever when it's clear that free-form jazz is truly the soundtrack to all evil in the land?
You know, if you play John Major's speeches backwards you can hear Satanic messages.

Come to think of it, it makes me want to kill things listening to the man speak at all, whether forwards or backwards.
establishment:Good lord, the young people are fantasizing again! REPRESS REPRESS!
The last Young Knives single started with the words 'I wore the blue with the green.' I have been wearing nothing but blue and green clothes ever since.
Binty - Well, it certainly is almost always shit . . .

Paul - I always have a soft spot for him. I believe I first decided that, whatever his faults, he was essentially a benign dodderer was some footage of him shaking hands with soldiers during the Gulf War, and he was wearing the most enormous grey woollen jumper. His gran must have knitted it for him sixty years ago.

SafeT - True that!

Jonny - You must bear a resemblance to Aquaman . . .
Threatening music is well known to be the best sort of music there is.

Have you heard that fun-da-mental cunt though? What a wanker.
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