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Man Enjoys Ecstasy SHOCK!

Another one from the 'to blog about drawer' while I get my head straight (I've been really ill for nearly a week now).

BBC News: 'BBC Defends Norton Drug Comments'

'The BBC has defended Graham Norton after he admitted in an interview he had tried "loads of drugs".'

'The TV star, who hosts the BBC's Strictly Dance Fever and Graham Norton's Bigger Picture, also described ecstasy as "just fantastic".'

'. . .'

'Norton told the magazine: "The only time I took ecstasy was years and years ago. It was absolutely amazing. It was just fantastic - really, really fun."'

'He added: "I've tried loads of drugs, but it would really bug me if I got busted in the tabloids because I take them so rarely."'

Okay, so, Norton tried ecstasy 'once', 'years and years ago'. He has tried other drugs, and either doesn't like them much, or can't be bothered with them, because he takes them 'so rarely'. Who cares, right?

Obviously not. We have an astoundingly hypocritical attitude towards drugs in this country. I can't remember the exact figure, but I do recall reading somewhere that something like 600,000 Es are taken every weekend. If you do view drugs as a problem - and I'm in favour of legalisation, so don't look at me - might that not be rather more of an issue than a TV presenter taking one 'once'?

For the last time - TV presenters are not role models. Nor are rappers. Nor are footballers, or film stars, or ballerinas, or Big Brother contestants. Just because someone is on the telly doesn't mean they have to be an example for your children to follow. Just get over it. From the sidebar:

"We're appalled, it's absolutely mind-blowing that somebody has said that"

-National Drug Prevention Alliance

I thought it was the ecstasy that was mind-blowing? Anyway, two points. Firstly, if you run a charity and you are trying to convert people away from doing a drug, is it really a good idea to call them 'appalling'? Secondly, is it really that "mind-blowing" that someone would admit to enjoying a drug that is chemically engineered to make you happy?

Sin! Sin! Sin! Sin!

Graham Norton tried to break into the American market a year or so ago with a show called the "Graham Norton Effect" on our Comedy Central network. (Where John Stewart, Stephen Colbert and South Park hail from)

It didn't last very long, though I personally found it very funny. I wonder why...
I don't really care what Graham Norton thinks about anything! let alone drugs! and i'm not sure the yoof of today do either!!
He's not exactly number one pin up for teenagers is he?! Who exactly is he being a bad role model for? Old ladies who "love the gays"?!! lol!

Sounds like a minor celeberity (no matter how much money the bbc think he is worth: he's blatently a self-satisfied one trick pony.) trying to get a bit of street cred to me. I mean he was funny on channel 4, but even they realised he was becoming over-exposed with his chatshow on every night, yet the BBC still spent all those millions of license-payers money on his golden-handcuffs deal!!
hilarious! and very refreshing as they would've hung him by the balls in the States, if he was a presenter there.

happyviolet: Who exactly is he being a bad role model for? Old ladies who "love the gays"?!! lol!

x is fucking awesome!
it makes you like a milkion happy
Is "busted in the tabloids" a euphemism for something really really gay?
chip chop...... we're waiting.

No bunny, that would be "busted in the broadsheet" which is far more intrusive and terribly homosexual.
"hilarious! and very refreshing as they would've hung him by the balls in the States, if he was a presenter there."
Well, he was a presenter here for a season. His show was SO risque, and aired late at night on "Comedy Central," which is known to tolerate quite a bit of silliness from its talent. I don't think this would've done a damn thing to him....if he'd been able to reel in the money in the first place.
As I said, The Graham Norton Effect was canceled very quickly.

And..I must know: what is in the fish pill?
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