Monday, October 02, 2006


Geeks Attempting To Look Like Greeks

I watched a programme on BBC2 tonight called 'Battle Of The Geeks'. It was, in the frequent manner of these things, cautiously interesting.

Presented by everybody's favourite hospital in-patient, Mr Hammond, it featured two teams attempting to transport an egg across an enormous canyon in Namibia towards a target without the egg cracking.

Over the next hour, as the two teams built a glider and a rocket respectively, two rather surprising facts were revealed.

1) Female scientists have even worse hairstyles than their male counterparts.

2) Scientists are idiots. They had 48 hours to build their contraption, and when they tried it, the glider missed by miles (although the egg was uncracked) and the rocket nearly hit the target, but obliterated the egg in its crash landing. Any fool can see that in 48 hours, by far the best option would have been to climb down the canyon and carry the egg by hand.

i watched that too!!
though to be fare i'd not climb down any south african's canyon for love nor money
i'd build a catapult and a massive foam egg to cushion the egg.
out of all of them as well i'd far prefer to shag hammond. even if he cant walk he can whimper.
Yes, compared to those two female scientists, Hammond is positively bootylicious.
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