Sunday, October 15, 2006


An Ethical Dilemma

Okay - I have a problem. I have been offered £30 to advertise an insurance company in my sidebar. On the one hand, I don't really approve of this kind of selling out, but on the other, it is thirty quid. I have been considering adding a PayPal button to the sidebar - I know I hardly give great value for money these days, but I'm a little bit cash-strapped at the moment. If I do get the advert (of course, the person offering may change their mind anyway after reading this post, but it'll still be useful for the future) the advert merely takes the form of a link in my links list. What do you think - should I sell out, or will I just look like a complete tool?

if i were you, i'd do it after researching the insurance company via Google for things like ugly ethical doings. but that's just me.
£30 quid? God it'd hardly worth it is it?

why didn't you do a post about that idiot Sion Simon, what a complete embarrassment his cameron video is!! would have paid up for one on that prick! even his hair is annoying!

no wonder everyone thinks us brummies are thick! he was even on the news saying "my video is funny"... it really isn't!

i've posted a comment on youtube- i haven't been that harsh since my college days! lol!

(if you haven't seen it i'm sure my sentiment is lost... but i've got a right bee in my bonnet about it!)
Ask for more.

And read this and this and related posts too.
Yup, ask for mo' money !
Pants down, bend over, take the money. It won't hurt.
Thank you all for your advice!

I've decided against in the end. I don't know who I'm kidding, I don't really have any pride, but it just looks so cheap. Maybe it would have been different if I'd been offered a hundred quid.
How did you get offered that?


Sell out dude, you're a libertarian: it's the only way to stay true to your values!
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