Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Rising Damp

Spotted on a packet of Whiskas cat food today:

'Contains at least 18% moisture'.

That could be anything from milk to urine. Really reassuring, eh?

Mouse blood.
You probably feel ripped off, paying good money for 18 per cent of water or cats pee or whatever. I know I would.
Was this "wet" or "dry" cat food?
I've gotta know.
My siamese has bad teeth, so we can't do the wet food; doesn't promote proper oral care.
just checked my sainsbury's brand wet food--81% moisture, lovely (i can't afford any other brand but Hunter seems to love it).
I heard something disgusting yesterday- apparently Cat's milk cheese is now on the market...


i wish i was joking!
Unless you're planning to it, does it matter? Cats seem to have no problem devouring brids and mice whole, complete with blood, guts and unevacuated bowels. Dirty dirty cats.
Tony - Mouseture?

Emma - Fortunately, it wasn't mine. I don't actually have a cat. I don't even like them particularly. I had a great aunt who lived in Worthing that lived in order to taunt me during my occasional visits. It used to hiss like a goose. Bloody glad to see the back of it, I was.

SafeT - Wet. Well, moist, really. It came in six different flavours, and they all looked exactly the same.

Rimone - That's really, really moist. Insert appropriate joke here.

Happy - That truly does sound absolutely revolting. I had no idea it was possible to milk a cat. You must need a farm of them to get even a small block.

Kieran - Fair point. I've never understood why they don't produce bird and mouse flavour cat food. Would seem to save everybody a bit of hassle.
I should like to clarify the above by saying it was my great aunt's cat that used to taunt me and hiss like a goose.

Not my great aunt, honestly.
Cats lick their own arseholes. I don't think they are that fussy.
Now that is some dirty shit!
your mom contains at least 18% moisture
To be honest, I don't have a comeback for that.
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