Friday, September 08, 2006


Put It Away!

I was bored, so I thought would do a quiz.

In Which World War 2 Army Should You Have Fought?

I couldn't complete it. The question 'If I am a leader, I will expose myself to lead my men by example' gave me a very unfortunate image of a vast army wadding across a barren plain with their underwear around their ankles.

I did it, and ended up with 'Britain and the Commonwealth'. Which, I guess, proves nothing at all.
These things really are bollocks, aren't they? When I eventually did it, I got the same result as you, but so what? I am British, so I suppose I would fight for Britain. And did Finland even have an army?
I was Finland too.

Not having an army? Surely you jest. They invented the Molotov cocktail and, top trivia, a young Christopher Lee went to fight for them.
Every day a school day! I had no idea. Fighting Finns, eh? Well, good on 'em, I say.
I'm afraid I'd come out on the side of Cobra or the Wiccans.
So I"m not taking the quiz
You'll have to clue me in, SafeT - who are these people? Are they like SMERSH?
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