Monday, September 04, 2006


A Pub Quiz Punt

Heard at the pub quiz tonight:

Girl 1: 'We need a city with a postcode beginning with 'S'.'
Girl 2: 'What about Swansea?'
Girl 3: 'Where's Swansea - the north of England, or the south?'
Girl 1: 'Swansea's in North Wales.'

Genuinely, I shit you not.

what about Sheffield - doh!

No wonder I don't do pub quizzes.
Your postcodes ought to start with numbers then, like ours. Much safer for quiz nights.

Unless, of course, you were asked to spell it out. Six Seven Two Nine, for instance. But given there are many fuckwits who go to trivia, that would be asking for trouble.
Minou - Our local one's filled with idiots, but there's always a couple of teams who do better. I say 'always' - we did win once, and I got two vouchers for free pints of Carling. Great.

Tony - I bet the questions at your quiz are better than ours. We had to name five Jason Donovan songs this week. I'm proud to say I couldn't name any.
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