Sunday, September 10, 2006


Our Chief Export, Meanwhile, Is Bad Grammar

Radio Five Live are running trailers for the footie this week, which includes West Ham v Palermo. Palermo, runs the trailer, are 'Sicily's second biggest export since 'The Godfather'.'


I dispute whether this is what they mean. I think they actually mean Sicily's biggest export since 'The Godfather.' Except of course a football team isn't really an export. And 'The Godfather' wasn't made in Sicily. But other than that, it makes perfect sense.

Without wishing to nudge in on Hutton's arena, did you know that sulphur is actually one of Sicily's main exports?

That page also contains the following magnificent sentence about Sicily:

'The illeteracy rate is approximately 71%'

Useful, apparently.

There has been a teachers strike in Detroit for the last two weeks.
Today the NPR (read: fancy-pants public radio) station tells me:
"Its official! The teachers strike may be over!"

It's official that there may be?!? Why would there need to be any officiating in that bit of non-data?

It sounds like the strike needs to be over so that the announcer can go back to school!
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