Monday, September 25, 2006


A Little Comment Goes A Long Way . . .

Shorter Anas Altikriti: Let me call for reconciliation between Muslims and Catholics by fanning the flames a little.

Shorter Mark Simpson: A Dutchman wouldn't need to tell me to jump off a cliff, because I'd already be hurtling towards the rocks.

Shorter Andrew Brown: Britain isn't really the same as Sweden. Who knew?

Shorter Dave Hill: My daughter is growing up, it would seem.

Shorter Jonathan Fenby: Actually, military coups might be good for democracy.

Shorter Matt Seaton: Statistics show that the best way to bring up children is to go on 'Supernanny'.

Shorter Anne-Marie Slaughter: Let's discuss the international peace process, while trying to ignore my frightening name.

Shorter Hadley Freeman: The debate about whether skinny models should grace the catwalks has gone on for too long, and I've got some opinions that should restart it.

Shorter Nick Cohen: Charity's great, as long as it comes from the poor. The rich should keep their money to themselves so that I can carry on resenting them in peace.

Shorter Cristina Odone: We live in a risk-averse culture. This is why 'Top Gear' is popular. People are having to go to greater and greater lengths to take risks. That's why we should lower the speed limit and have a policeman on every corner. What do you mean, non-sequiturs?

Actually, the Jonathan Fenby one might not be that far from the truth... the coup may just be the thing to reinstate democracy to a country where cronyism and corruption were beginning to set in. Only time will tel,, however...
Rather grumpy of Cohen to complain about the pedigree of charities like the British Red Cross. And regardless of the use of spirituality his points about religion and war sound like Richard Dawkins or Johann Hari - who should generally be taken with a bucket of salt when they talk about religion.

Excellent potted guides, as ever.
Binty - Funnily enough, the Fenby one was the one I was least certain of including. I know nothing of Thai politics, and my only reaction to whole issue is that I quite liked Mr Shinawatra because he once shook hands with a friend of mine.

I appreciate that this is hardly concise politocal analysis, but what the hey.

Matt - Thank you very much! I'm thinking of making them a weekly feature on a Monday. They're great fun to write, although they do take a little while. I might spread back out beyond Comment Is Free again, although that takes much more time.
Excellent summaries. You're doing a useful service here by saving me the trouble of actually wading through the dross that gets published on the Comment is Free site.

And the Nick Cohen one is spot on.
Nice, and almost all of them seem completely logical.
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