Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Bleurgh & Brown-nose

Bizarrely, it seems some people actually care about whether it's Bleurgh or Brown-nose in charge of the Labour Party.

Why? In the first place, this story is now so dull I can't even think of an appropriate simile to describe how boring I find it, and in the second it's become crushingly apparent that all of the mainstream Westminster politicians agree on almost everything in principle, and only differ (and mildly at that) about methods of execution. Here's a laugh for you: 'Keeping The Faith' - 'Labour members, activists and voters backing Tony Blair against a minority of MPs who want to bring him down'. It's absurd - since he has already demonstrably brought himself down anyway by promising to resign, I fail to see the point in flogging a dead donkey.

If I were a Labour party member or whatnot who loved Blair - apparently, there are some - I'd spend my time backing David Cameron, who appears to agree on pretty much everything.

Do they both agree that flinging money at public services must eventually bring improvements? Yup.

Do they both agree that the environment is basically going to hell and Something Must Be Done? Uh-huh.

Do they both agree that the country needs fewer immigrants? Definitely.

Were they both in favour of invading Iraq? Can you guess?

When they do have a disagreement, it's about scale. So Blair is in favour of big invasions of privacy doing lots of damage - identity cards for instance - while Cameron prefers smaller invasions doing a bit less damage, such as poking his nose into your twelve-year-old daughter's knicker drawer. That the government has the right, and indeed the duty, to spy on its citizens even when they are behaving lawfully is not disputed by either.

Really, I fail to see the point in voting in elections in Britain. It's clearly Hobson's choice, and a vote for any of the three main parties is effectively a vote for the other two as well. Either vote for UKIP or the Commies, or better still the Loonies, or best of all go to your polling station and burn the ballot with a cigarette lighter.

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If you put a gun to my head and told me to vote either Labour or Tory..................

I'd vote Tory i'm afraid. If only to find out how ten years in opposition has changed the bastards. The novelty will wear off very quickly, much as it did with noolabor.

We define ourselves now more than ever by what we loathe rather than what we believe in.
That's very true. We seem now to be so jaded about politics that nothing can possibly please us. I'm deeply torn about whether this is a good thing or not.
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