Friday, August 18, 2006


A Political Hot Potato

Via Samizdata, we learn that this government have introduced 3000 new criminal offences, of which I would guess about 2900 are completely futile and needless, and they give an excellent example:

'Polish Potatoes (Notification) (England) Order 2004:
No person shall, in the course of business, import into England potatoes which he knows to be or has reasonable cause to suspect to be Polish potatoes.'

It's just typical of the greasy Poles to try and offload their Papist potatoes on us, but we're a decent Protestant country. Can't they see we don't want their Vatican vegetables?

For God's sake, I've only just managed to get over the Irish trying to foist their rotten crops on us.

On a different note, I shall be away for a bit. Probably just over a week.

Illegal polish potatoes!
A phrase I had never previously considered as being an option.
So...what is the penalty for this penultimate prohibited potatoe practice?
Polish potatoes? I can't even be bothered to peel 'em.
Perhaps the Polish potatoes are terrorists.
Fucking Papists.

More here.

U still in MCR dude?
Littlejohn is a cunt. He should go back to his own country.
Mark - The whole thing reminds me of that 'Constable Savage' sketch on Not The Nine O'Clock News. Absolutely staggering.

SafeT - I'm not sure, but knowing this government you'd probably get a fifteen year sentence and be let out after a month, but only if you'd attacked someone in prison.

Hung - Did you think of that on the spud of the moment?

Pam - Maybe they do reckon that - after all, from what I hear, their potatoes do have darker skins . . .

Tom - Alright mate? I'm back up in September now.
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