Thursday, August 31, 2006


Nuisance Neighbour

From Labour MP Diane Abbott's 'Sunday Times Magazine' interview two weeks ago:

'I have good and bad de-stressing mechanisms, and going to the tearoom for a bacon sandwich is my bad one. My better one is listening to dance and soul music. Living in Hackney, you can have it on very loud and nobody's bothered.'

She just reckons nobody's bothered - I bet someone is. We probably ought to get her an ASBO, just in case.

Noise pollution.

She has a room dedicated to tea?
I'm going good just having one dedicated to defecation...
By the look of her, she does more of the bad de-stress than the good.

By the way, I notice that you've finished (or given up on) Crime and Punishment. Did you enjoy it?
SafeT - I think she means the communal one, but given the size of her pad I could well be wrong. She does look like she's succumbed to a few toasted teacakes in her time . . .

Paul - I did finish it, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Bloody long, and mighty hard work given I only read for about five minutes a day, but I would rank it up there amongst my favourites.
Long? Don't try The Brothers Karamazov next then... And to be fair, you'd be better to not bother reading the epilogue in C+P with all its guff about Christian redemption.
I did read the epilogue at the time, and you're right, it is tonally very different to the rest of the novel. Although I have to say, after five hundred-odd pages of Russian misery, I was prepared to take a little redemption - less pure, perhaps, but clouds do like nicer when they have silver linings.
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