Tuesday, August 29, 2006


No Sense Of Place

Hungbunny is pointing out that quizzes are often very easy; Tony T is complaining that the questions can be bollocks. However, it's where the twain meet that the fun really lies. This is from an episode of 'This Morning' a fair few years ago now:

John Leslie: Which European country is famous for its tulips?
Contestant: Is it Holland?
John Leslie: Well, I'll give it you . . . It's actually Amsterdam.

I love daytime TV.

This from Australia's version of Wheel of Fortune.
John Leslie saying "I'll give it you". How many ladies of the night have heard that, I wonder?

I wouldn't have got that, Tony. My first thought was that "pork" hasn't got an "e" on the end.
A good one was on that crap celebrity golf thing on ITV the other night - something like "which bird is the term for two under par? Is it a) eagle, b) sparrow, or c) Paris Hilton?"
Tony - That's brilliant! Did the quizmaster let it go, or did he/she laugh in their face?

Hungbunny - More than it's savoury to contemplate would be my guess. John Leslie - famous these days only for 'not having done a rape'.

Paul - Celebrity golf thing? What was this?
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