Thursday, August 10, 2006


Assorted Thoughts

- Over on Saving The World, they are getting themselves pissed and blogging about it, and it's most amusing. I wouldn't touch the Old Nick though if I were them. I remember drinking a bottle of that stuff on a coach trip once. Beastly it was. Still, if you use it in cooking, it turns all your food blue. Good for a laugh, so long as you don't mind throwing the food away uneaten afterwards.

- Some funny moaning about the Metropolitan Police.

- Kieran - whose whole blog is hilarious - mocks pandas for their procreational helplessness.

- I decided to follow the Ill Man's advice (sort of) and watch 'Charlie Brooker's Screen Wipe' on BBC4 tonight, and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprise at how funny he was, particularly the section on 'Dragon's Den', which had me in stitches. Good point about the distinctly phallic rubbing of piles of money that goes on.

One thing I have noticed about Dragon's Den is that they always turn down people who've just thought of an idea, but willingly give money to people who've done all the leg-work already. The only person on tonight's show was a fellow who'd come up with a car wash for lorries who'd already got contracts, letters of approval etc etc. He had, in fact, done everything. The only reason he wouldn't go to the bank for a loan was that he wanted someone with 'experience' to help him. Help him do what?

Quite enjoy Screen Wipe myself. My father is a huge fan actually, i'd miss it every week if it wasn't for the fact that he never misses it. I'm still not very good at keeping up with digital telly though.
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TV excellence!!

I've never watched dragons den- but i do think it's a shame that anyone with a good idea or invention has to involve a smug bunch of wankers who've already made their money.
Ill Man - Film4 has made me become good at it. It's great, but the trouble is, I've barely left the house all week. I'm becoming - have become, really - a complete hermit.

Happy - It really is a carnival of capitalism, and the fetishisation of money that goes on is just disturbing. I thought the BBC was supposed to be intolerably left-wing anyway?
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