Thursday, July 20, 2006


Running Of The Braying Twits

Every year in Pamplona, the Running Of The Bulls is held.

Now, in a parallel event each year, PETA stage 'The Running Of The Nudes' a few days earlier, in which a bunch of self-aggrandising student types - mainly from Britain, it has to be said - travel to Pamplona to "protest" and wave their white bits in each others faces.

Normally I stand up for 'clothing-optional' issues, but this year this event really pissed me off. What annoys me is the sheer arrogance of these cultural tourists who travel to a different country intent on flashing their morals around. Of course, they happily ignore the fact that a vast proportion of local jobs rely totally upon the festival, because they don't care about thousands of humans, only a dozen bulls.

Per the PETA website:

'Compassionate and fun-loving people from around the world met in Pamplona for the run to show the city that it doesn’t need to torture animals for tourism.'

Uh-huh - and if it weren't for the bullfighting, you'd be going to Pamplona for what reason exactly?

What's more, the "protest" is a totally hollow show anyway. This year, the Spanish police told the runners that anyone fully nude would be arrested, and the vast majority of the runners happily capitulated. Way to rage against the machine, guys. If they really wanted to produce an effective protest, then they'd do it on the same day as the bull-running in order to distract media attention, but they don't do that because that's not the real reason they go - the real reason is to massage each other's egos and make caring noises about how compassionate they are.


Well there should have been. What a shit naked parade, at the very least they should have been in the nip. useless
Isn't it just pathetic? Can you imagine travelling three thousand miles to join a nude protest and then not having the stones to take your clothes off?

By the way, I found your expression 'in the nip' the funniest thing I've read all week.
Got to disagree with you on this one, Steve... I find the running of the bulls to be a fairly disgusting spectacle, and the 'thousands of humans' could happily get jobs that doesn't involve the gratuitous slaughter of bulls for entertainment and nothing else.

I do, however, agree that the not-quite-naked protest was pathetic. Get 'em off, that's what I say.
I guess it's pretty terrible, but I'm entirely ambivalent about it. I don't have strong feelings about dogfighting or cockfighting either. Then again, I never said I was a Good Guy.
I shudder to think what form a naked protest against cockfighting might take.
Dunno, but I wouldn't like to work at the nearest hospital.
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