Thursday, July 27, 2006



It was my birthday today - well, yesterday now - so I can't write anything coherent because I'm fairly pissed. The trouble is, I've been drinking gin, which really is only one step up from drinking out of bottles wrapped in brown paper bags.

I promise I'll answer comments tomorrow when I'm not seeing triple. Anyway, if you want humour, piss off and bother somebody else for a while. Meanwhile, why not enjoy a geek fantasy?:

Birthday gift, from me to me.

Many happy returns, and all that bollocks!
oh wow, happy b-day, dude (so although i'm not into astrology, we're both leos as mine's coming up soon).
Happy Birfday!!!
So the lass has a...
SNES, NES, Atari 2600 VCS, a couple N64 contollers, a couple atari one-button joysticks, a..a...a Genesis (Megadrive) joypad, a Super Mario Brothers book(magazine, comic book?), NES controllers, the common orange NES gun, several NES games, plush Mario, Donkey Kong and Toad (mushroom guy), but what is under the Mario plushy?

Lastly, that keyboard looks COMPLETELY out of place. None of the videogame equipment shown can use such a thing. Why not just show us her breasts?
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!!

(SafeT that was horrendously geeky of you. Be ashamed)
I'm proud! Everyone needs a hobby. I'd be more worried if I could rattle of a similar list when looking at a bag of loose pharmaceuticals.
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