Thursday, July 13, 2006


Hidden Genius

Matt C is complaining about the quality of spam he receives. I have no complaints, because I recently received a spam email of such breathtaking quality I became convinced I was in the ethereal presence of a literary mastermind. Without further ado, I present you with 'rationalize', by Floy Burns:

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[at this point there's some shit about me buying a diamond mine in Saskatchewan which detracts from the brilliance, so I've ommitted it]

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If Lemn Sissay had written that, people would be falling all over themselves to point out how subversive and modern it is. Why shouldn't poor old Floy get any credit?

And people reckon I write shit. That is gorgeous.
That is wonderful. It is very similar to the gibberish I used to write in school jotters whilst on magic mushrooms. Happy days.
Mad, isn't it? I love it. Still, I am puzzled as to why he felt the need to include the word 'bedpan' so many times.
I had one like that! It was marvelous, too. I recorded myself reading it dramatically.
Spam Dramatica
I think they make 'em like that to pass through the filters....

Bedpan, bedpan, bedpan!
Dalmatian fang midterm.

That'll really take some beating. Man, you get all the best spam...
SafeT - That's a work of art mate. Kudos indeed.

Matt - Damn straight! Dunno why - maybe they recognise a fellow addled mind.
I love these sorts of spam, really. They are the digital equivalent of "found art"
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