Monday, July 24, 2006



A friend of mine - who may or may not have a blog - has been in touch, claiming to have found a porn magazine with a cryptic crossword in it. I'm not sure I believe him - it's probably some witty 'Private Eye' spoof - but the clues are pretty good:

Q: 'Queer drapery at the border of the Cold War?' (4,7)

A: Iron curtain.

Q: 'Becoming erect and heading for a half volley?' (2,3,2)

A: On the up.

Q: 'Breathe heavily on a woman's pussy - a very big one' (7)

A: Teatime.

Q: 'Shag dyke wiuth fruits de mer?' (7)

A: ?

You tell me.

the last one'll be cockles. Sorry!!
I would honestly not have got that if you'd given me all eternity to get it in . . .
Ditto. But it's very good.
Steve, ahem, I, erm, saw this and thought it might be up your street
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