Friday, June 02, 2006


Spotted Out And About

This sign is over my local McDonald's:

'Filet'? Who do they think they're kidding?

This is a Manchester Evening News bill MattyG spotted outside our local (Asian-owned) newsagents:

I'm saying nothing.

It's probably the migrants that can't spell at McDonalds...
I followed your BB voting instruction to the letter this week. When Sezer said that the girls wouldn't vote him out I'm sure he wasn't thinking of me. Nevertheless I took it very personally indeed. Pah! So much for my boycott of BB.
Fish sandwich! A ish wish fish dish summoned with the swish of my ish!

You know, I figure its a fish-flavored bread thing.
you're not talking about the US spelling of 'filet?'

sorry for the stoopidity--me dumbass amerikan.
Yes, but that's Dr F's local McD's, therefore not in the US.
It's probably so they can't get sued for false advertising.
it seems like you've got a bone to pick with their filet...
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