Tuesday, June 20, 2006


It's Like Slowing Down To Look At A Car Crash

So I go away on holiday, and upon coming back I find that all blogs from all over the world are currently in the middle of a sixth-form debating society discussion over the qualities and practical application of humour, all to do with a hilarious post Hutton wrote.

How tedious has all this become? Some complete dunderhead, who claims that he is a 'stand-up comedian' retaliates, in the most prissily cuntish way he could possibly have done so, thereby neatly proving the point of the original post, which is that these chuffheads wouldn't know humour if it fell on their head in a cow pat.

I have always said that the reason the Internet won't change the world is that it is populated by precisely the same anally-retentive bloodclots who screwed up the real one in the first place. How right I am. The discussion has now descended into a tedious row of nationalistic bitching between 'condescending' and 'arrogant' Brits and 'humourless' Americans.

Personally, I reckon that the only certainty is that all the people making these preposterously large extrapolations from such a non-incident are toerags of the worst order. Rarely has the Internet looked quite so stupid. Anyway, I sincerely hope Hutton, who appears to have gone underground until the heat is removed, comes back as soon as possible, since his blog remains the funniest read out there.

I've not read any of the blog posts you mention, but being an American I assume I know it all anyway.
Therefor I feel qualified to opine on the subject.

Comedy is only funny when it it humorous, and humorists can only do their job if they have something funny to say.
Of course, even non-humorous folk can cause humorous effect by doing something wontonly ignorant.
I read the Hutton post and found it mildly amusing, if perhaps overly parochial even for him, then read the shitstorm of retaliation.

At first I assumed it was a windup. Nobody could get that pathetically uppity about what is obviously a joke post. It IS a windup, isn't it? It isn't? Jesus. Some people clearly need help.
Completely insane. By the logic of Kos, if his wife were to send him down to the grocer to get milk and he got run over, she would be guilty of attempted murder, no?

It's random chance and fate fool!!!!

The comments in the other link provided are almost as funny as Harry's post.

I've only had a single humour failure with one of Harry's posts, over which I now concede I was being a little precious.
This post was written when I was more than a little angry, and I'm still pissed about it.

I'm rather glad you've all contributed somewhat soberer analysis than I managed.
That DDay bloke couldn't have missed the point of Harry's gag by any further. And his retort screamed "I'm a tool!"

Paul's (Go Dees!) "pathetically uppity" and the very last comment at Kos summed it up best:

A job well done ...

... by Harry Hutton, anyway, not by DDay. I don't know if Harry's intention was to provoke such an unintentionally hilarious stream of mindless, indignant gibberish, but the net result is comic genius.

For all the wrong reasons, of course.

by RhodeIslander

It has to be said, that is a damn good summation. The sight of about two hundred humourless nitwits falling over themselves to be the loudest in moral condemnation is not something I shall forget in a hurry.

As you say, that DDay fellow is a tool, not so mcuh for his stupid post, but for his steadfast defence of it despite the fact he had patently not found an example of 'eliminationist rhetoric', and everybody who wasn't a part of the mutual wanking session on Kos was telling him so.
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