Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Il Pleut

Okay, so, it's pissing it down. Time to remind myself of my holiday. Except, nitwit that I am, I managed to not take a single photo in four days. Pillock. Fortunately, my mate did take a photo. Unfortunately, the photo he took was of the cover of a box containing a heated air mat in Somerfield supermarket. You can see why it arrested his attention:

Frankly, I think something other than his attention should be arrested for that. Look at his face! What's he doing to that poor child, the sick bastard! He's positively leering. Besides which, it's a Ruth Rendell book. Who smiles like that at murder mysteries?

Just to prove that this isn't an elaborate, childish wind-up:

There it is on the shelves, next to a whole load of camping gear.

This travesty should have been prevented at four stages:

1) The man, or the boy, should have objected to this horrifyingly suggestive pose.
2) The cameraman should have refused to take the photo.
3) The store should have refused to stock the product.
4) A customer should have beaten the manager round the head with a seal club until he realised why this is just so creepy.

The bloke looks like porno bloke Peter North. This only ratchets up the quease factor a hundredfold.

Jusging by his website, this fellow North seems to be quite a big deal. Can't say I've ever heard of him. What's he been in?
Steve:I think he's a big dicked porno star from the 70's.

Oh, and, did ANY of those things happen in your list?
I think I know what you're getting at - I should have taken the manager to task myself. Sad to say, I didn't, I merely slunk away from the scene of the crime like a cowardly leper.
I'm, slow on the uptake here, and this is the first time i've seent his post and... i've just bought that air mattress!!!! ha ha!

didn't take much notice of the box though!
Really? What are the odds? I should throw the box away - in fact, burn it. Otherwise that face will grin at you forever . . .
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