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'I Only Like Them When They're Frightened And Fragile, As Is Only Natural For A He-Man Like Me'

Clairwil has only done one post in the time I've been away, but it's a cracker.

Poor old Heather Mills-McCartney has been getting a bit of stick over the fact that she posed nude at some point in the distant past. First to fire off the broadsides were 'The Sun' who were shocked, just shocked at these 'filthy', 'depraved pornographic clinches', but, as has been pointed out, were not so disgusted as to avoid printing the pictures.

'The News Of The World' got involved as well, with a story that Heather used to be a prostitute who charged £5,000 a night. Per Clairwil:

'However the allegations against Miss Mills are more serious. The wicked witch is alleged to have enjoyed the sex. I feel unclean just typing that!'

Exactly! What sort of woman could possibly enjoy sex?

Now 'The Daily Mail' have waded in, and boy, does this get slightly disturbing.

Daily Mail: 'Heather just stood there, naked, unashamed and unabashed'

'Heather has attempted to dress up this latest embarrassment as an educational exercise - a 'lovers' guide to caring relationships'. An early foray into humanitarian work, then, for the woman who has compared herself to Princess Diana.'

'Not according to Peter Wilson, Heather's 'co-star' on the tawdry shoot. Speaking exclusively to The Mail on Sunday from his home on the outskirts of Palma, Mallorca, Wilson has given his own version of that now notorious shoot.'

'The events he describes provide a devastating insight into both that seedy photographic environment and the character of the woman who is now embroiled in Britain's highest profile divorce.'

'Wilson dismisses Heather's assertions that the shoot was ' educational' as 'laughable'.'

'Asked what one might learn from the book in question, Wilson says: "Absolutely nothing."'

What is slightly frightening in this article, of which you really should read the whole, because it has to be seen to be believed, is that it appears in the 'Femail' section of the newspaper and is written by a lady named Laura Collins, yet it has absolutely no qualms in accepting whatever the man says, never critises him and then proceeds to vigorously attack her.

For what? Well, it seems she had the gall to not be frightened by the experience:

'"I thought I was a bit of a Jack the Lad at the time," Wilson admits. "I was older than her, I'd been about, I'd been with a lot of girls, but I'd never encountered anything like her. Normally a girl always shows a fragile side, whether it's physical or emotional. But she was just standing there naked, unashamed and unabashed. I've never seen anything like that.'

'"She was absolutely confident and in the beginning it was fun, but as the day wore on it became less fun. It just became sleazy. I didn't like it. As [the shoot] became more explicit she wasn't shying away from it. There was never any objection from her. It was just like, 'Next shot.''

What's this? A woman who is happy with her body? The horror, the horror! Because of course, a man couldn't possibly find a woman sexy if she was confident about her appearance and sexuality. There is a horrific misogyny in what he says, magnified by the implicit approval of his statement in the article, that only men should be sexually confident and skilful, and that women should be timid and diffident in the bedroom. Her body is her's to do what she pleases with, and if what she pleases is showing it off - and I'm not complaining - then I fail to see why she shouldn't.

So, what on earth has motivated this man, who was apparently so incredibly intimated by a confident woman who didn't cower before him, to make himself look like a pillock and tell his story to the papers?

Well, I guess money probably has something to do with it, but another explanation lurks in the subtext of the article:

'In the same way that he admits initially trying to impress Heather with his flash car, his jewellery and what he thought passed for worldliness . . . he says: "It was usual for a day's modelling to end with me going out with the girl, taking her for a meal, to a club and then having sex. But for the last couple of hours of that shoot all I could see when she opened her mouth was Jimmy Nail's face - Auf Wiedersehen, Pet was on telly at the time.'

'"I don't know if it was her accent or her language - she was really foul mouthed - but, believe me, by the end of the day I would have rather gone out with Jimmy Nail than her."'

Aha. So, basically, he tried to pull her, she said no, and no he's spotted a chance to be all bitter about it, and has cannily realised that if he sells his story to the most morally prurient newspaper on Fleet Street, and acts disgusted about her, the paper will take his part in the story.

Still, it was all alright in the end:

'"Well, I'd seen everything she had to offer and, by the end of it, I didn't want it."'

Fortunately for the women of the world, they can now see everything he has to offer, and I sincerely doubt if they'll be impressed by it.

I assume the 'compares herself to Princess Diana' bit is where the Mail gets it's utter hatred of her. You aren't allowed to mention your own name in the same breath as 'The Sainted One' As I stated over at clairwil, I had no real opinion about her before, but if she's got those subhuman scumbags spitting feathers then I have to say a hearty well done to her.
Actually, I thought she was kind of annoying before all this, but as you say, I'm now a fan just for pissing these dimwits off.

I can't understand their deification of Diana. Fair enough, she helped find a landmine, well done, but she didn't exactly give all her money away, and she was a manipulative cow as well. I shall never forget my sense of shame at our endless weeping over her that went on for about three years. Wow, I'm a proud member of a nation that can't get over the fact that someone has died. Ever.
Oy! I can't believe the line about feeling dirty typing a line about a woman enjoying sex.

What, exactly, has this woman done to earn this level of witch-hunt activity? Seems the press is absolutely vicious over there.
That line was said in sarcasm, I have to point out.

The press here are ruthless. Her crimes are merely to have compared herself to Diana once, and to have 'spoiled' Paul McCartney, who can of course do no wrong. It's absolutely daft!
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