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Busy Busy Man

Goodness me, I am sooo busy. Therefore, in lieu of a proper post, I'm just going to link to other, funnier people than me. So, without further ado, why not read:

*Mark on The Sun's oh-so convincing stand against filth and depravity.

*Vague rails against Bob Marley and bumper stickers. God, I hate bumper stickers.

*Shuggy has a particularly good reason for suggesting you become a republican.

*Finally, for anyone who hates U2, have a gander at this.

I also have some sad, heartbreaking news to announce:

RIP Fling The Cow

The world's best flash game, flingthecow.com, appears to be no more. This was a particularly great game, where you had to click on a catapult, containing a cow, and try and make the cow fly onto a bullseye. Meanwhile, a farmer stood close by with a speech bubble coming out of his mouth, making such comments as, 'Bullseye!', 'Cow-ard' and 'You're bullocks at this'. I seem to recall holding a high score record for a while.

If you've found any bizarre and fantastic games on your net travels, please leave a link in the comments.

This is Schloss Neuschwanstein in Bavaria. I went there a few years ago. Absolutely amazing place. There's no reason for this picture - just thought you might like to see a place that, frankly, should be one of the wonders of the world.

That's a beautiful picture. I love castles and places far far away from here. How is it on the inside? Just as beautiful?
You are too kind Sir.
NL - It's an amazing place. The most photographed building in the world, apparently. It was built by a man called Mad King Ludwig, and is named after Lohengrin, of Wagner's opera of the same name.

On the inside, it's decorated accordingly, if I recall rightly. Ludwig was absolutely mad about Wagner. Mind you, he was mad about everything else as well.

Mark - I'm here to help!
One word comes to mind whenever I see that castle - jigsaws.
I love a good jigsaw, though I don't have one of that. My mom does have a mousemat with it on though.
I used to supply playground sand to the daycare that operates in the third tower.

there was another fellow that supplied the sandbox toys. I wish I could get in on THAT action...
Thanks for the shout-out. Your check is in the mail.

On another note, don't crazy people build the best castles?
SafeT - When I were a wee nipper, we used to go to the beach loads, and my dad would always build a sand castle. Or, to be more precise, I would start one, and then he would grow frustrated with how innacurate and structurally unsound it was, and then he would take over.

Every time, a couple of hours later would stand a magnificent re-imagining of a fourteenth century castle made of sand. Every time, five minutes later, the tide would wash it away.

Happy days.

Vague - They certainly do! Edward I was the best at it. He built Caernarfon Castle, a bloody brilliant place to keep the Welsh subdued, and he was most definitely mad. His first marriage produced sixteen children, and anyone prepared to put up with that many nippers is a bit bonkers. He also once drowned a man in a vat of wine. And why not?
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