Monday, May 22, 2006


The Worlds Longest Meme!

Matt of the ever excellent Saving The World (blogroll it now!) has tagged me with one of these meme things.

I am very ticklish.

I want Franka Potente to know that I'm not mad she still hasn't emailed me for a date.

I wish my beard didn't grow.

I hate CCTV cameras. So there.

I love the first gulp of a can of cold lager.

I miss out on whispered conversations because I'm going deaf.

I fear nothing. Except that Gordon Ramsay might get yet another show, because I can't stand him.

I hear worryingly little these days. Particularly quiet DVDS since my stand-by TV is mono. It may actually be an antique.

I wonder whether or not Alex Ferguson has any blood vessels in his nose that haven't burst.

I regret getting a credit card. The fuckers have had £200 off me in late fees this year alone. This is part of a gigantic conspiracy against the disorganised.

I am the proud owner of a Tsingtao beer glass, courtesy of one of my commenters.

I dance with too much clicking. Gotta stop the clicking. And clapping.

I sing so out of tune that you wouldn't believe.

I cry with laughter when I see newsreaders fuck up. I don't know why, I just do.

I am not a forty year old male who lives in Carbondale, Illinois with a pet giraffe.

I make with my hands nothing. I'm shit with crafty stuff. I can't cook either.

I write about three words every week on the world's most slowly advancing novel.

I confuse - dunno. I suppose I'm confused about just what it is that people see in R&B music.

I need a shag.

I should try potatoes again, but something about them just puts me off. So sue me.

I start arguments too often.

I finish badly, with little to say.

I'll be fucking amazed if anybody read all that. If you did, congratulations, though I'd think about finding a more productive use for your time. I'm not going to bother tagging anyone specifically - I'd only get it wrong, and anyway this one takes fucking ages, but if you want to do it, go ahead and use me as a referrer.

Do you know a forty year old male who lives in Carbondale, Illinois with a pet giraffe??
how do you live without potatoes?! If it were possible to sue for such a thing, I would. I might give it a go

Thank you for the kudos for the glass... me risking life a limb to steal that from a chinese restaurant in Brum- i could have ended up in a chop suey!! To be fair it was just grossly embarrassing for my bloke at the time! he went to the toilet and when he returned it was gone (in my bag!) he just shook his head.

thats real friendship- none of that myspace bullshit (thats where your survey has come from!)

potatoes rule, pointy dancing and clapping can be excused (if you're a cheesy uncle at a wedding or on drugs...) gordon ramsay has a weird chin (explanations?), pandoras is just plain wrong: resist!!, and lastly you're an argumentative dickhead when you're drunk... but i think i will still know you in 30yrs which is unlike many people! so i'll have to put up with it!
SafeT - No, but it would be fun if I did. If anyone matching that description is reading this, email me, because we need to talk.

Boudica - Well, I can eat crisps and thin chips, but I just find potato mushy and squishy and horrible. It is dashed inconvenient, as when you think about it, 99% of all recipes involve the blasted things.

Happy - Well, thank you, sort of! I'd tell you I've cut down on the drinking, but that wouldn't be wholly true. Haven't had any for a couple of nights though.
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