Sunday, May 14, 2006


An Admission Of Failure

I have to admit it: after a week of almost no posts, I have become rather disillusioned with this blog. When I set it up, I wanted to make people laugh. Then I changed my mind, and decided I wanted to change the world. The truth is, what I want to provide is what you want to read, and I'm gonna need some help discerning what sort of posts you want to read, and what sort of blog you want this to be. Then, maybe, I will be able to move myself out of this bloggerblock malaise I'm in at the moment.

To that end, there is a temporary poll at the bottom of the sidebar (or will be very shortly). If none of the options of the poll suit, please tell me in the comments or feel free to drop me an email. If truth be told, I mostly write this blog for the comments, and I want to provide a bit better service.

I'm very much obliged.

Pull yourself together!

Seriously, we have all been there at one stage or another... I've been there several times! The thing to remember is that it's YOUR blog for you to write about things that YOU want to write about. I personally like what you write and if some days it's funny and others it's world-changing then all the better. Just make sure it's you that's in the words, not some bastardisation of who you think we want you to be!
I know exactly how you felt.
Everyone says, "write for you"
I say "Write for others what is in alignment with what is right for you"

I like you media posts, mainly. And anti-censorship rants.
And, for the odd-color, I like the UK politics stuff, although I tend not to comment so much because I haven't much to add to it.

There was a time when you posted so frequently I couldn't really keep up with it, and that was the only complaint I've ever had.
yeah, man, you're awesome! you were on the *official* BBC website!
although i do like it when you go off on one and use some hilarious invective.
Don't grow disheartened.

Treat your blog like your own personal playground. Write about whatever interests you-
And most importantly, enjoy it.

I know, from experience too, that a lack of comments can be a royal pain in the arse. But there isn't too much you can do about that, except make outlandish claims and hope you get someone's back up.

Anyhow- Personally, I've been reading since your early days and enjoy it still.

Keep up the good work and don't trouble yourself too much.
Right on! Blog about whatever is on your mind, and don't worry so much about the comments. Often tons of people will be stopping by or reading your feed, but are just too lazy to comment (ahem, not that I know anyone like that, Anyway, I (and probably everybody else) feel the same way sometimes. I often write shit I know won't get responses, but I like it, so I try not to care.
I like stopping by here and seeing a nice mix of subjects--there's always bound to be something of interest.
steve, i ain't read this post mostly cos i hate wide swap (boring predictable format) anyway, i know you're a webmeister and you've probably heard of but the clip from peep show (among various hilarious others) where mark pretends to drop a pill is on there! hilarious! you must watch it!
ok so the post isn't about wife swap- its about reader and writer apathy... poo: how ironic! keep going steve- you enjoy the blog, surely thats the most important thing. and if you get a 2.2 you can blame it on the blog, rather than your alcoholic tendancies.. he he! keep on!
Steve, I absolutely cannot stress enough how important it is to post what damn well takes your fancy and to hell with what any blog bore might tell you.

More stuff about crap tv please.

Thank you all for your kind words. I'm really rather touched, to be honest.

Maybe, just maybe, my mojo is slowly returning. I had a fucking depressing week last week, lots of pondering about my barren sex life to start with, but a new week, a new attempt at levity.

We'll see how things go.
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