Saturday, April 29, 2006


Popular Guy!

I was particularly chuffed this morning to find my 'Grumpy Old Men' rant has appeared on the official BBC webpage for the programme, which I think is rather sporting of them given the extent of my tirade.

I tell you, one of these days, the Beeb will appoint me head of programming, and then we'll see what's what. One thing's definitely for sure - 'Strictly Dance Fever' will bite the dust.

Stick it to the man!
Kudos! Did they link back?
The heck with "Strictly Dance Fever," long live "Exclusively Mambo Pathology!"
Nice one Steve. It's one of my favourite Feelgood posts this year.
Mark & Ill Man - Thank you very much! I have to admit, when I wrote that post, I had no idea it would attract the interest it did. That seems to happen loads - the posts I expect to get loads of comments get none, and the ones I expect to get none get loads.

SafeT - Now that is a programme I would pay to see! People who were actually pathologically addicted to doing the mamba - where could you go wrong?
If it's any consolation; i thought it was a shit post :-P
Uh-huh. Who might that be a consolation to?
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