Sunday, April 23, 2006


It's A Rich Moyles World

So over the last week, some busy, public-minded mole in the BBC has been leaking the slaries of its top radio presenters. They are, well, extraordinarily large. Suffice to say, when I was fourteen, and was guest host on one hour of hospital radio, had I known the Elysian fields of fortune that lie at the end of that particular rainbow, I might have tried harder not to say 'shit' live on air.

You want the juice? Well, why not:

Terry Wogan - £800,000
Chris Moyles - £630,000
Chris Evans - £540,000
Jonathan Ross - £530,000
Steve Wright - £440,000

Blimey. Not bad for about ten hours work a week, is it?

Terry Wogan's annual salary is equivalent to nearly six and a half thousand licence fees by itself. That apparently doesn't include whatever he earns for TV spots, like his voiceover for the Eurovision Song Contest, which must be a nice little side earner.

Chris Moyles seems to be doing rather nicely for himself too. I used to listen almost religiously to his afternoon show, but I can't listen to his, or any body else's, breakfast show, because I have a pathological hatred of music in the morning. The last thing I need when I'm groggy-headed and wiping conjunctival fluid from my eyelashes is some tuneless R&B dirge. No thanks, brother. I wouldn't mind if it was upbeat, but it almost never is. I should think his Radio 1 fellow DJ Jo Whiley is immensely pissed off with her measly quarter of a million annual salary. Quite apart from anything else, she's been at the station for four more years than Moyles. Maybe that's why she always sounds so dejected.

See, I remember the days of 'Viaduct' and 'Blobbusters'. Happy days . . .

I leave it to my readers to decide for themselves whether they reckon I view this as value for money.

I realise theres no accounting for taste Steve, but the Moyles chap really is a complete chimp. I hate him, his voice, his turgid shows. Sorry, I was a Mark and Lard fan. Every time they went on holiday fat boy would get double helpings and i'd make a beeline to the off-switch. Wonder what Mark Radcliffe picks up for his graveyard shift on Radio 2? A fair old whack i'd imagine, going by the top earner figures you quote. I also find it strange that Jo Whiley, a woman completely lacking in any sort of presentational skills can command a £250,000 salary.

I do agree about breakfast radio. I need complete silence in the morning. I don't care if it's news, lively debate or annodyne pop muzak, it all has to go off.
I agree with Anon, Jo Whiley is cyborg-like and dull with the poorest excuse for a personality this side of Slough.

I like Moyles. I say this not having been up early enough/ had a radio to hand in the mornings for ages. He's not awful, I mean I'd rather him droning on than, some overly cheerful munchkin at BBC Devon or Ahoy!FM. I've switched over to Scott Mills though. Far funnier and he pimps his co-presenters. Oh its all shit anyway, its not meant to be taxing.
Is this their annual salaries? Because it seems mightily unfair that Jonathan Woss earns so much- he only does one show a week!! If Chris Moyles was half as funny as he thinks he is, he would probably be the greatest comedian who ever lived... i used to love his afternoon show, especially when John Culshaw was on it.

The license fee sucks ass! Its absolute bullshit end of story. I know adverts are annoying but i mean, the BBC's output (barr the apprentice) is unwatchable. Even the comedy's gone down the drain.
Anon - (go on, give us a name - pretty please?) Apparently, radcliffe picks up a mere £197,000. All these figures are p/a, by the way. Should have made that clear.

Boudica - 'Cyborg-like' is a good summation. She seems to talk in a constant monotone. I wonder if she's smiled at any point in the last ten years. And you're absolutely right about local radio, which is just utter shite. The day I want to know whether 'Carl's Tile Warehouse' is having a sale is the day I want the tanks to come.

Happy - It's a nightmare choice, isn't it? They take a ridiculously large ransom off us, which is a gross and outdated anachronism, or else we get adverts for discount sofas and loan sharks. 'Between a rock and a hard place' is how I would characterise it.
Steve, I am 'anonymous'. I just made an arse of logging in.
The Beeb should had adverts to pay for producing it's crappy shows. Moyles does not desrve more than £60K p/a and what the hell is the point of Comedy Dave? Is he Moyles assistant or just some friend that needed a job? I hope he works for free, monday to Friday becuase he does sweet f.a. I do like Scott Mills though. He got Moyles all those new listeners if you notice.
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