Monday, April 24, 2006


Beyond Good And Ebdon

Has anyone else been watching the snooker? It's been on a fair bit in the hovel simply because it's incredibly relaxing. I love the hushed voices of the commentary, the crisp suits of the referees, the fact that someone was thrown out of the arena yesterday for sneezing as Matthew Stevens was about to attempt a pot.

One thing my mate and I have noticed is that Peter Ebdon, who has just demolished David Gray (no, not the singer) in a most humiliating fashion, really looks incredibly evil.

I can't stop seeing him stroking a cat, Blofeld-like.

Apparently, he has recently relocated to Dubai. Asked why by the caricaturist that the BBC have hired to add a level of human interest to the sport, he replied that people in his tax bracket are just taxed way too much in Britain, and that good old Dubai is tax-free, and therefore wonderful.

I don't believe this is the only explanation. He's developing his own game out there, called EbdonBall, and he will take over the world with it, one snooker hall at a time, just you wait and see. Opponents he defeats will surely be vanquished.

That's right.
You use the framework society provides as a scaffold upon which you grow your exploitative grapes.
But when it comes time, you should NEVER share your wine.

Fucker. We have that sort of shit-head here as well. Their political party is in power.
Said with real anger!

I couldn't believe it when he said it. Points for honesty I suppose, he's hardly the only person to do it, but he did at least brazenly admit it.
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