Monday, March 06, 2006


File It In The 'Unimportant Information I Could Live Without' Drawer

Apparently, according to the front page of one of today's - actually, now yesterday's - tabloids (I can't remember which one), John Leslie has split up with his girlfriend. Wow. I don't believe she was even famous. How is that front page news, even for a tabloid? Surely there must be something more interesting happening in the world. She was pregnant. I suppose that makes a difference, but it's still not a crucial moment in our nation's history, is it?

Said ex alleged that John referred to celebrity turboslut Abi Titmuss as a 'banshee.' You know, I can just see that. She must be a right fucking horror to know. Still, you've got to admire the success of someone who has become famous simply for having a large chest.

I can barely remember what John Leslie was ever famous for in the first place. God, it must be shit being famous. Imagine being famous for nothing at all, yet still having reporters hiding behind your dustbins waiting for the shouting match to begin inside the house.

Fortunately, I don't suppose fame is something I have to worry too much about.

Being famous would be totally hideous. People like Abi Titmuss, Jodie Marsh and other Z listers absolutely crave the attention it brings. Buying every sunday newspaper to see if they get a mention, yet complaining if anything is remotely negative. You cannot court the press and publicity only to complain when it turns sour. In short i have no sympathy for these fuck wits: you've made your bed, now lie in it!!

I just find it deeply embarrassing that some members of the great british public are interested in this sort of bollocks. Tis utterly ubsurd and a complete indication of what a total bunch of morons we live amongst!
I have to say, I lost my faith in democracy and in the intelligence of the British public when Mr Blobby went to number one.
Thats a bit cruel. She's famous for other things too... like being a slag.
Yes, but that sex tape was no Pammy-Tommy, was it?
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