Friday, February 17, 2006


One Man, His Wolf And His Friend

Imagine my delight upon discovering that ITV3 are re-running all the episodes of 'Due South.' I used to love that programme. I suspect an entire generation of people liked Canadians for no better reason than this programme, which is odd when you consider that actually, all the Canadian characters, including Fraser, are rather enigmatic. I'd forgotten just how witty it was too. Check out:

Vecchio: '[About a gun smuggler] His name's Lloyd P Nash. Wanna know what the 'P' stands for?'
Fraser: 'Is it pertinent?'

That's top quality punning, that is. Of course, its completely ridiculous - todays episode climaxed with Fraser throwing a knife into the barrel of a perp's gun at a distance of about fifty paces - but that's what TV is for, right?

Further investigation revealed that there are DVDs for all the series, but that they cost an absolute fortune. Please, please can we have some consideration for those of us who aren't millionaires.

I particularly love that, no matter what the characters are doing - rescuing old ladies, chasing perps cross country, putting out fires or chasing more perps - no character ever gets even the smallest crease on their clothes.

Diefenbaker was the real star of Due South. I watched it the other day and it wasn't as good as I remembered it - unlike the A-Team, which is still fantastic.
Fantastic. I loved Due South.
Hung - Sadly, my Freeview player doesn't pick up UKTV Gold, so I haven't seen the A team in ages . . . one day, I may live somewhere sensible, that actually has reception!

Pam - Quite right too!
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