Thursday, February 23, 2006


The Neutrality Of This Post Is Disputed

I think I may just have found the one single article that proves once and for all why Wikipedia is really struggling with its reputation. Behold, Darren Lehmann. Amongst other things, Lehmann was:

'Blessed with a great eye, natural gift and awesome power generated by his large frame, Lehmann is a fine player of pace and murderous against any form of spin, and is also a useful left-arm orthodox spinner himself.'

Yes, Lehmann was a god amongst men. Unfortunately, the short-sighted Wikipedia administrators can't see this, and have slapped his entry with the message saying 'The neutrality of this article is disputed.' No shit.

Indeed, sports seems to bring out the worst in Wikipedia contributors. Have a look at Aston Villa manager David O'Leary. Now read the section for this season at the bottom. That's quite a laugh, that is. It may well, indeed, be the worst encyclopaedia entry I've ever seen. Amongst other problems:

1) 'Villa's fortunes during the final three months of 2005-06 will decide the future of David O'Leary as manager.' How do you know?

2) 'However a "much" improved winter period has seen them move slightly up the league.' This article seems to be "quite" biased.

3) 'Injuries and suspensions have decimated the squad.' Yes, one in ten of those injured were shot to free up space on the physio tables.

'Ladies, I want you to look at that awesome frame. I want you to see into those knowing eyes, to admire those chiselled features, to imagine his bod. . . . sorry, is this supposed to be an encyclopaedia entry?'

This page from Wikipedia deserves a mention. I stumbled across it looking at some of the Neutrality Disputed pages.

My favourite bit so far from said page: "A Wikinaut is a made up term for a person who uses Wikipedia.

So called because as an Astronaut is a voyages into the dangerous environment of space, a Wikinaut travels the virtual realm of Wikipedia, where it is a very simple thing to get distracted by interesting articles and follow curious links. Unwary Wikinauts may often find themselves lost in Wikipedia for hours on end, only resurfacing when needing of food or to use the toilet."
There's some very funny stuff on there. I particularly enjoyed the bit about how lightbulbs, don't give off light, they absorb darkness.

It is a real possibility . . .
Is that slang for anything? Is encyclopaedia entry comparable to rear entry?

god, you can tell I haven't had sex in while.

I think someone shoving their cock into an encyclopaedia would be a big mistake.
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