Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I Can't Believe I'm Dedicating A Post To This, But . . .

. . . after much consideration, to answer one of those questions, my favourite noble gas is helium, since when I was small, I used to find that whole swallowing helium and getting all squeaky stuff very amusing.

'Use data books and diagrams?' Hmmm, perhaps not. I'm a busy man.

I like the reasoning. Noble gases are by definition unreactive, and yet the reason you like Helium is because of its reaction on the human body.
That's deep, man.
Good stuff. My personal favourite is Xenon, because it starts with an 'X'. I'm strangely drawn to playing the xylophone for the same reason.
Argon always sounded far more noble than the rest. Arise Sir Argon!
Matt - That's what I'm told is called subliminal semiotics, or something . . .

Paul - Would that make you an X-Man?

Boudica - I can see that. Argon's Round Table. I'd read that.
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